Updated Overview 08/12/2016:

Today the Login problems are (hoped to be) mostly a thing of the past. All of the Site software has been upgraded to the latest stable versions, but stable, ain't perfect. I will continue to fix, whatever breaks.

Updated Overview 08/02/2016:

The best explanation I can give about what is causing the problems with member registration, and login/logout problems/issues, is that SDRgadgets is being very picky about who we let Edit and Create our content. 

All Registered Users are permitted to edit or create content, any and everywhere within the website. Login status is being checked before each and every page load, due to the fact that this is a website with dynamic content. Each page it serves to your web browser is being created on the fly, from data stored in a database, and the Software creates different content for non-logged in users. There are editing controls on every page on both the Wiki and the Main web pages, which are never intended to be seen or used by the general public. Occasionally a page load will fail due to login status confusion within the software. If the website see's a problem with the login status it now, throws an Error Message with a yellow background placed above the top of the normal page content. The error messages will provide instructions that will need to be performed in order to clear the confusion. But before performing those instructions you will need to close the error box by clicking on the X in the upper right corner of the error box. We are keeping an eye on these errors and trying to eliminate them as best we can.

The current issues are the result of new security measure meant to eliminate a double login situation. It won't just allow a second session unless both sessions have valid Logged in statuses. 

The problem was worse a couple months back, we hope we see further improvements down the road.

Public Wiki's are intended to be easy to contribute to. They are designed to be very liberal about allowing anyone to add / delete / edit / or destroy, content. SDRgadgets is a Private Wiki, we limit everything to registered users. If we don't know you, you're not getting in. We are forced to keep this a private wiki due to the existence of Spambots, spamming malware anywhere that they can send it to. We have to avoid content creation by the Spambots. ... More to come later on this subject.

Short version: We have a bot problem, You better not be a bot!

Update 06/23/2016:

I've run into difficulty recently with the social login scheme in use on the website. The problems began after I did a clean reinstall of Windows 10, and seem to mostly show up when using the "Edge" browser, Chrome also gave me trouble at first but after manually re-logging into both FaceBook and Google+, Chrome seems to have stored whatever was missing. and now works fine with both of those social logins. Chrome seems to contribute to occasional Video Card crashes/freezes when I run Chrome and SmartSDR at the same time, not a big deal really, the display freezes for a few seconds and I get a notification from the Taskbar that the video driver just errored and has successfully been restarted. But I'm open to other browsers at this point. Mozilla Firebird is also installed, and I've never seen a glitch when it's running. It's just that Chrome functions more like I want a browser to work most of the time, except for the driver freezing.

That login problem resolved itself once I had reauthenticated the newly reinstalled copy of Google's  Chrome Browser with the various OA authentication servers. and hasn't really re-occurred.

Mike reported having issues with viewing the Wiki portion, along with some difficulty in registering his new account on SDRgadgets. Which point's out to me that I never got around to explaining about where the Wiki login forms went and why the appear to be broken when you try to use them.

Short answer first.

Login to the Main SDRgadgets Page by clicking the icon for one of the providers, wait for it to authenticate and refresh. Then click on the SDRgadgets Wiki link in the lower left to open the Wiki, and you should now be fully logged into the wiki too.

Or at least that the plan. Cookies can be used to maintain your login status, they might expire, just reauthenticate again and you should be good to go.

Aren't 1 click Logins faster and easier. We "hope" they "will" be.  

If you're experiencing trouble with the Social Logins, I can reenable the manual username/password options, you can email me at no5j@sdrgadgets.com , if you're having problems. 

 Update 07/30/2016:

Social logins began to malfunction again, they were not transferring over to wth Wiki, correctly. The central reason SDRgadgets exists is to create the SDRgadgets Wiki, so the Social Logins, had to go, while we try to figure out a way to make them reliable again. Sorry! face smile  

 Update 07/31/2016:

I'm looking into a New User Registration Plugin for SDRgadgets That I'm hoping, will only require New Users to register once, on the SDRgadgets Main Website. It is hoped that it will enable us to be able to share the User database with both the Main website and the Wiki page. You will still need to login on the Main page, but your login status should transfer over to the Wiki.

If we can make it work, I should also create a new Wiki user account should not already have one. We are trying to eliminate the Wiki's Account creation features that the SpamBots enjoy using so much.  

 Update 08/01/2016

Installed the New User Registration Plugin, today, configured it, and it seems to be working. It claims it will Auto-Magically create both user accounts, Joomla, and MediaWiki, from a single registration on the Joomla front-end,and keep your login status synchronized between the two. It's currently blocking the Spambot registrations. As before, we won't know the problems been solved until it's been tested by new users registering on SDRgadgets, and trying their hand at a little wiki content creation/editing.

Update 08/02/2016

A New login bug has now surfaced. Sometimes the Webserver gets confused about your Logged in / Logged out status.

It might toss an error in a yellow box above the normal website content on the front page. When it does, the proper response on your part is to do what the message instructs, but before doing that, to close the error message box/field by clicking the X in the upper-right corner, and then doing what it instructs. Not closing the Error message first just adds to the confusion.

According to the Joomla Developers, It's not a Bug, It's a Security Feature!

So why don't we all feel more Secure!!!!

When they eventually budge, off the "It's not a bug" position, that they are insisting on. We might have a permanent fix.

Oh Well, I tried!